Serdar Ortaç - Dansöz (2006)

Born 1970 in Istanbul, Serdar Ortaç today is one of the most popular and successful artists of the Turkish pop scene. While many younger singers enjoyed the support of the more established stars in the country's entertainment industry, such as Sezen Aksu, Serdar was left to fight for himself - and made it to the top. Having received the KRAL (Turkey's answer to MTV) Award for male breakthrough artist in 1994 for his debut album Aşk İçin, which sold over 2 million copies in the Turkish language region, it wasn't until 2006 that I heard of him after getting to know my husband Mehmet and Gee, whom introduced me to a Turkish/Greek/Arabian Club Night 'Yalla' in London's Green Lanes.
Dansöz was one of the first Turkish tracks I grew fond of. It tells - of course - a story of love and a broken heart, rebound and that that there are 'so many fish in the sea', except that that is expressed as 'there are so many dancers (dansöz)'

Serdar Ortaç - Dansöz (2006)


İtiraf ediyorum sana itiraf.
Başladı yaralı aşklara tadilat
Masumum, dışarıdan daha masumum,
Maalesef, bunun için sana mecburum.
Yüksek uçan kuşun, yüreği sarhoşun.
Acı çeker gibi, kölesi olmuşum.
Kavga edenlere, bana küsenlere.
Yüreği çark edip, geri dönenlere.
Affet diyen kim? Ez geç diyen kim?
Aşktan çeken kim? Benim kadar...
Ölene kadar aşık olamazsın
Birisi çıkar onu anlayamazsın
Sen o tür oyunlara katlanamazsın
Senin bir kalbin var...
Hadi diyelim biri çok deli sevdi
Senin için her şeyi her şeyi verdi
Ya bir gün olur sana bel kıvırırsa?
Binlerce dansöz var...

English translation:

Belly Dancer
I am confessing to you, confessing
Love has undergone a horrible transformation
I'm innocent, more innocent than a bystander
But I am afraid for this I need you

To the heart of the high flying bird
To love drunk heart sickness
It seems I've become a slave
To the instigators, those pissed at me
Those who change their mind and come back

Who's gonna say sorry? gonna say love em n' leave em?
Who's suffered the pangs of love? More than me...

You can't die for love
One will come along that you won't understand
You can't play that kind of game
You have a heart, heart, heart

Alright, let's say she's a bit head over heals
For you she'll give everything, everything
Oh one day she might even shake those hips for you
There are thousands of belly dancers...

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