Alizée - Moi... Lolita (2000)

Q: What have Alizée Jacotey, known as Alizée, and Napoleon Bonaparte in common?
A: Both were born on Corsica.

Alizée was discovered by Mylène Farmer, following her winning performance in the talent show 'Graines de Star' in 1999. While collaborating with Mylène Farmer and Laurent Boutonnat, Alizée released four studio albums - first two of which were composed by Laurent Boutonnat and written by Mylène Farmer. Her first album received Platinum within three months of release. It was a success both in France and abroad, earning Alizée the distinction of being the highest selling female French singer in 2001.
The album featured her most successful single 'Moi... Lolita', which reached number one in several countries in Europe and East Asia.
Alizée married fellow French singer Jérémy Chatelain in late 2003. Her latest album, entitled 'Une Enfant Du Siècle' was released in March 2010 and showcases her new mature persona, while distancing herself from her earlier Lolita figure.

Alizée - Moi... Lolita (2000)
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Moi je m'appelle Lolita
Lo ou bien Lola
Du pareil au même
Moi je m'appelle Lolita
Quand je rêve aux loups
C'est Lola qui saigne
Quand fourche ma langue,
j'ai là un fou rire aussi fou
Qu'un phénomène Je m'appelle Lolita
Lo de vie, lo aux amours diluviennes

Moi je m'appelle Lolita
Collégienne aux bas
Bleus de méthylène
Moi je m'appelle Lolita
Coléreuse et pas
Mi-coton, mi-laine
Motus et bouche qui n'dis pas
À maman que je suis un phénomène
Je m'appelle Lolita
Lo de vie, lo aux amours diluviennes

Repeat Refrain

C'est pas ma faute
Et quand je donne ma langue aux chats
Je vois les autres
Tout prêts à se jeter sur moi
C'est pas ma faute à moi
Si j'entends tout autour de moi
Hello, helli, t'es A (L.O.L.I.T.A.)
Moi Lolita

English translation:

Me... Lolita

Me, I'm called Lolita
Lo or just Lola
That's all the same
Me, I'm called Lolita
When I consider my mistakes
It's Lola who has to bleed
When I make a slip of the tongue, I have
An elated laugh also elated
As a phenomenon
I'm called Lolita
Lo for spirit, Lo for a diluvial love

Me, I'm called Lolita
Student below
Tight jeans
Me, I'm called Lolita
Quick-tempered and not
Half-cotton, half-wool
Silent and a mouth that doesn't tell
Mum that I
Am a phenomenon
I'm called Lolita
Lo for spirit, Lo for diluvial love

Repeat Refrain

It's not my mistake
And if I want to quit
I see the others
All ready to throw themselves upon me
It's not my own mistake
If I hear everything around me
Hello, helli, you're A (L.O.L.I.T.A.)
Me Lolita

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