Ajda Pekkan - Vitrin (2006)

Through a career spanning five decades thus far - move over Madonna! - Ajda Pekkan (born 1946 in Istanbul) has released more than 20 albums and, with Sezen Aksu, is the most commercially successful female Turkish music artist with the sales of over 30 million copies worldwide. Although famed for her music, Ajda started her career as an actress with appearances in almost 50 films. During her music career she has recorded songs in no less than nine languages. Apart from Turkish, she is also fluent in English and French.

Ajda Pekkan - Vitrin (2006)


İçime attım ne varsa
Anlamaya çalıştım herkesi
Aşkı da sevdim kavgayı da
Anlatamadım ki

Hiç korkmadım çelişkiden
Onaylanmadan ilişkiden
Ne çoğaldım övgüden
Ne azaldım yergiden

Hiç korkmadım yasaklardan
Korunmadım tuzaklardan
Kalktım güvenli kucaklardan
Hep denedim bilerek göstermedim

Kendimi sakladım görmeyi bilenlere
Vitrinime değil iklimime gelenlere
Deliyim aslında Allah'ına kadar deliyim
Kalbimi vereceğim aslımı görenlere

English translation:

Shop Window

(i have bottled up whatever is there)
(i have tried to understand everybody)
(i have loved both love and fight)
(i couldnt tell)

(i have never fear from contradiction)
(from the relationship which isnt approved)
(neither i have been bigger becos of praise)
(nor i have been smaller becos of satire)

(i have never feared from prohibition)
(i havent been saved from traps)
(i have got up from safe embrance)
(i have always tried,i have not showed them deliberately)

(i have made myself hide for knowing to see)
(for not coming becos of my shopwindow,for my climate)
(i am crazy actually,i really am big crazy)
(i will give my heart to seeing my reality)

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