Alihan Samedov - Today is History

Close your eyes, listen to this and imagine sitting by the Bosphorus with the glistening sun reflecting of the gentle waves, sipping on an apple tea and a shisha, the muezzin calling in the background. Put your feet up, wind down and relax... - that's what I've done about six years ago. Magical.
Alihan Samedov is probably Azerbijan's most famous export - apart from oil, and possibly former Chess master Garry Kasparov.
Əlixan Səmədov, born in 1964 in Sumqayıt, is very well known in the region for his expertise in playing Azerbijani wind instruments, such as the balaban, the tutek, the zurna, as well as other more commonly known ones, like the saxophone, clarinet and oboe. Like his fellow citizen, he is also a chess master.
Already a legend in his own country and beyond, in 2004 famous Turkish resident DJ Suat Ateşdağlı decided to use his song 'Today is History' as his opening track for his mix compilation 'Bosphorus Night', which I can only recommend. It brings together an Oriental feel with Occidental club music.
Alihan himself has so far released several albums called 'Balaban' filled with tracks displaying his expertise in playing the instrument.

Alihan Samedov - Today is History

Alihan Samedov - Today Is History-2011 by izzmirli

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