Narcotic Thrust

Ever wondered what a Narcotic Thrust is? Fear not, it's not something spectacularly sinister or sexual, it is, in fact an anagram of Stuart Crichton, one half of the British dance music duo. Stuart and Andy Morris met in 1996 to produce 'Funky Acid Baby', which was petty much ignored.

Their breakthrough came with the track 'Safe From Harm', for which they hired Yvonne John Lewis on the vocals. 'Safe From Harm' is completely meaningful to the people on the dance floor and carries a captivating voice, it's a peak hour track yet not bangin'. Deep, groovy and driving bass line, with vocals and strings, and a trippy overall feeling, this track is almost the definition of 'Progressive House'. The difference between the several mixes is really subtle; the original being the 'flattest' one; the others nicely emphasize the 'housy' aspects. It went on to become my Tune of the Year 2002.

Narcotic Thrust - Safe From Harm (2002)

Narcotic Thrust - I Like It (2004)

Narcotic Thrust - When Dawn Breaks (2005)

Narcotic Thrust - Waiting For You (2006)

The duo also get heavily involved in remixing. 'Suffer Well' by Depeche Mode is a brilliant example.

Depeche Mode - Suffer Well (Narcotic Thrust Remix)

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