Demet Akalın - Zirve (2010)

Here is to recommend the album 'Zirve' of Turkish Model-come-Pop-Diva Demet Akalın, one of the most famous singers in Turkey.
Like me, vintage 1972, her songs, mostly become summer hits and usually include lyrics about broken relationships, fights and being stronger afterwards. She became famous a decade ago having a relationship with the famous basketball player Ibrahim Kutluay. They broke up and she started her music career with her hit single 'Senin Anan Güzel Mi' and became popular with the hit album 'Unuttum'.
Several albums followed, which all received not only crtical acclaim, but were also hugely successful, with Demet picking up Best Song Award in Kral TV Music Awards 2005, the most prestigious music award in Turkey (similar to the Brits or the Grammys), the Altın Kelebek and MÜYAP Golden Record.
Having been liking her for years, I picked up her album Zirve on holidays last year - her best album yet. Here three tracks which became my favourites for months.

Demet Akalın - Tecrübe

Demet Akalın - Olacak Olacak

Demet Akalın - Bu Benim Partyim
(no official video just yet)

Demet Akalın - Bu Benim Partim 2010 By DeMiRBeY17 by demirbey17

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