Made By Monkeys - I Try - Rauhofer Roxy Mix (2003)

Made By Monkeys might seem like a weird stage name to record under, but the duo of Astrochimp and M Keys has the musical chops to call themselves whatever they like and get away with it. Both met at school at a very early age and have been producing music ever since. Astrochimp handles the drum programming, mixing and engineering and M Keys is the keyboard prodigy who wrote his first composition at the age of five.
'I Try' was their first foray into the world of dance music that accounts for the truly fresh take on club music they have devised. The track debuted at US(Dance)#1 in May of 2003 and continued to chart on the top 50 for 26 weeks, making it the longest charting track of the year for club play. 'I Try' was heavily supported by international DJs like Paul Oakenfold, Sasha & Digweed, Pete Tong and Steve Lawler. The track was introduced by Peter Rauhofer on Live@Roxy2 CD (where I pricked up my ears) and was featured on Ministry Of Sound Annual 2004. The Monkeys have a live explosive performance much like Daft Punk, and the Chemical Brothers that must be seen.

Made By Monkeys - I Try - Peter Rauhofer Roxy Mix (2003)


Every second passes without me releasing all the thoughts... Let you go...
Every time I close my eyes, I see your face and I feel so... Why would you go?

And I Try... To win you over
And I Try... To make you stay
And I Try... To make you love me; God, I try!

Is that someone else making you happy; Something that I couldn't do!
I hope is that you are happy, cause I'm tired trying my all with you!

And I Try... To win you over!
And I Try... To make you stay!
And I Try... To make you love me

And I try
Yes I try
And I try
And I try
God I try

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