Luomo - Tessio (2003)

Sasu Ripatti, born 1976 in Oulu, Finland, has many aliases: Vladislav Delay, Sistol, Conoco and - Luomo.
Sasu's characteristic traits within his music are deep, bubbling synth-bass lines, fractured percussion - often placed freely within the music, long delay repetitions of various sounds, syncopated use of vocal samples, and complicated digital effect processing techniques. An outstanding example is his 2003 release 'Tessio'.

The music of Luomo stretches taut lines between shadowy experimentalism and shining club aspirations of the dancefloor. Full of dark chasms and dangerous sharp edges, the restless experimentation and bitter-tenderness in Luomo’s songs have shattered and reformed expectations of Pop. Tracks like 'Tessio' became the foundation of what was soon known as Microhouse.
But the tropes and vocals made it clear that Sasu is drawing on a wider range of influences: not only Glitch, but also Dub, Trip-Hop, Chicago House, Soul and Disco. Luomo presents each element — icy reverb, stuttering rhythms and brittle synth stabs with crossover Pop appeal that was picked up by major labels.
What makes Luomo different from his other release synonyms, aside from a more overt Pop orientation, is the extensive, sensitive use of vocal samples from a variety of collaborators: all Luomo albums owe much to processed feminine voices, particularly that of Finnish jazz singer Johanna Iivanainen, a vocalist renowned for her timbral and poetic singing. Pensive and polished, rich and sensual, 'The Present Lover', which is the album containing 'Tessio', uses the voice of Johanna Iivanainen, along with that of Antye Greie (AGF), his East German girlfriend.
His creative arrangements have also come to fruition in his fourth Luomo album, 'Convivial' in 2008. It sees Luomo at his most upfront and extrovert, embracing more overt Pop motives than ever, and features vocal collaborations with not only Iivanainen, but a spectrum of artists, ranging from Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters, which offers a touch of glam, to Chicago House producer Robert Owens. A new Luomo album is due to be released! :-)

Luomo - Tessio (2003)


I guess you turn me on,
When you're gone,
For me it didn't go wrong,
we just made another song.

Off getting it alone,
Never asking if for long,
It's just that the world ain't enough,
And it never was for the two of us.

Baby, it's ok.

I guess you made me warm,
When you do the hum,
Making everybody come,
Getting creative with your charm.

I tried to be all yours,
Over line ain't answering your calls,
Don't say it's false,
I'm only following my thoughts.

Baby it's ok,
We'll make it better,
Baby, I, I'll survive,
Without these women in my life.

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