Alcatraz - Give Me Luv (1996)

Jean-Phillippe Aviance & Victor Imbres, a US house production team from Washington, DC, under the synonym Alcatraz released a track that would become the must-have item in any DJ box at the turn of 1995/1996 and the subsequent spring. It should remain their one and only single but lead to several remixes for big names at the time, including Apollo 440, Lil Mo' Yin Yang and BT. Following Alcatraz, Victor then teamed up with Ruth Rothwell in the UK and formed Greenlight Records in 1997. The label soon churned
out some very classic tunes. He continued making dance house records until 1999. During that year Victor lost interest in music and decided to go back to college to pursue computer programming. But he soon returned to music in 2006. Over the past few years his love of music has developed back into the same creative passion he once had in the 90’s. Victor is behind epic tracks, such as Fragma's 'I Need A Miracle', De Lacy's 'Hide Away', Sandy B.'s 'You Make The World Go Round' and - ahem - Alcatraz's 'Give Me Luv':

Alcatraz - Give Me Luv (1996)
UK#12, FIN#15, SWE#31, NL#41

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