Safri Duo - Played A Live (2000/01)

Uffe Savery (*1966) and Morten Friis (*1968), a.k.a. Safri Duo, met in 1977 while attending the Tivoli Garden Boys' Guard, and later, during their time at the Royal Swedish Conservatory of Music, formed the Safri Duo, whose name originated from the first letters of their respective surnames. Initially very classically oriented, by 1999 they were discovered by a label executive working on classical music. After being signed, a track mixing both tribal sound and modern electronica was set to be released in 2000. The result was the popular 'Played-A-Live', which became one of the most popular songs in Europe in 2001. Earlier in 2000, a track named "The Bongo Song" started appearing on club's playlists. Produced by Michael Parsberg, it soon got airtime on MTV Europe. The mix between tribal drums over trance proved to be a success, and it ended the year as one of the best selling singles in Europe in 2000 as well as featuring prominently in the opening ceremony of the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney. This resulted in Safri Duo guesting along with Danish pop group Aqua during the interval of the Eurovision Song Contest 2001 held in Copenhagen.
The track sold 1.5 million copies, being the 4th fastest selling single in Europe - ever.

Safri Duo - Played A Live (2000/2001)
DK#1, CH#1, DE#2, NL#2, BE#2, ES#3, CAN#4, NOR#4, FIN#5, UK#6, US#7, AT#7, SWE#8, IRL#8, FR#80
Certifications: 6x Platinum: DK; Platinum: BE, DE, NL, NOR, CH; Gold: SWE

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