Gazebo - I Like Chopin & Lunatic (1983)

Paul Mazzolini, a.k.a. Gazebo, was born 1960 in Beirut, Lebanon, son of an Italian diplomat and an American singer, learned to play the guitar aged 10 to impress a German girl in his class. As a rather cosmopolitan teenager Gazebo began a career in a variety of jazz, rock and punk bands before meeting Rome-based producer Paul Micioni. The first release, Masterpiece, was a minor hit in 1982.
A year later, he branded his name in chart history with his track 'I Like Chopin'. The release sold 8 millions copies worldwide. 'I Like Chopin' was produced by Pierluigi Giombini and is generally regarded as one of the most significant Italo-Disco tracks of the mid-80s. The piano motif is not a Chopin composition - the entire song was composed by Pierluigi. The video was shot in a house somewhere in Essex. Can you spot which one it is?
The follow-up song 'Lunatic' and the eponymous album also entered the Top 20 across continental Europe.
Since then he has released more albums, but apart from 'Tears for Galileo' in 2006, which achieved constant radio airplay on Italian RAI Radio2 and peaked at #1 in the Euro dance charts, he lives mostly off his 80s success.
Good God, did I have a crush on him back then...

Gazebo - I Like Chopin (1983)
IT#1, DE#1, AT#1, CH#1, NL#7

Gazebo - Lunatic (1983)
IT#3, DE#4, CH#6, AT#13

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