Sherena Dugani - Accidental Angel (2000)

If you haven't yet seen the movie Saving Grace, you haven't lived!
And that comes from a person that can't tell his Aliens from his Shallow Grave. I'm not a movie buff.
But seriously, haha, if haven't seen it, go out and buy it: you might well find it's the funniest ever film you've seen. It's hilarious!
In a nutshell, the story goes that prim and proper Cornwall housewife Grace Trevethyn finds herself unexpectedly widowed, in dire financial straits when she inherits massive debts that her late husband had been accruing for years, and faced with losing her house. She decides to use her talent for horticulture, and hatches a plan to grow potent marijuana which can be sold at an astronomical price, thus solving her financial crisis. Grace and her gardener's efforts to hide their illegal enterprise from the quaint and curious townsfolk and market their product compose the remainder of the film.
The movie won the High Hopes Award at the Munich Film Festival and the Audience Awards at both, the Norwegian International Film Festival and the Sundance Film Festival, all in 2000, the year of the release.
It was also nominated to receive the ALFS Award: (British Actress of the Year - Brenda Blethyn), the BAFTA Award (Carl Foreman Award for the Most Promising Newcomer), the British Independent Film Award (Best British Independent Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Actress).
It was nominated to receive the Empire Award (Best British Actress), a Golden Globe and the Golden Satellite Award (Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Comedy/Musical).

But let's not forget that this is a Music Blog: the entire soundtrack is brilliant and entire fitting.
Probably my favourite song from it is Sherena Dugani's 'Accidental Angel'

Sherena Dugani - Accidental Angel

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