Urban Cookie Collective

Rohan Heath was the driving force behind the Urban Cookie Collective, having worked before with Yargo and A Guy Called Gerald.
The group's original vocalist was Diane Charlemagne, who co-wrote some of their tracks with Rohan, and now works with Moby. The other main members were Simon Bentall, Peter Samson, Johnny Jay, Mark Hadfield & Neil Claxton. Guest rappers occasionally took part in the studio.
Rohan had learned classical piano and decided on a career in music after abandoning a PhD at University of Vermont. After a tour of Japan supporting the Happy Mondays, he left A Guy Called Gerald. He later joined Together a band created by Manchester's Haçienda regulars Suddi Raval and Jon Donaghy. Together's single "Hardcore Uproar", made number 12 in the UK Singles Chart in August 1990. After a brief stint with Eek A Mouse, Rohan created the Urban Cookie Collective, a bunch of Manchester-based record producers songwriters and musicians.
They achieved their major breakthrough in 1993 with 'The Key The Secret'. After a subsequent remix it was picked up by the Pulse 8 record label. The track entered the UK chart twice more in 1996 and 2005 in remixed formats.
The band remain active and still maintain a busy concert schedule.
The Urban Cookie Collective was a solid staple in my musical orientation between 1993 and 1995, often dancing with then on stage in London clubs.

Urban Cookie Collective - The Key, The Secret (1993)
UK#2, NL#2, AUS#4, DE#5, AT#7, CH#7, SWE#23, NZ#31

Urban Cookie Collective - Feels Like Heaven (1993)
UK#5, CH#9, AUS#10, AT#11, DE#12, NL#12, SWE#7, US#26, NZ#47

Urban Cookie Collective - Sail Away (1994)
UK#14, CH#21, AT#24, NL#21, DE#25, SWE#35, AUS#49

Urban Cookie Collective - High on a Happy Vibe (1994)
UK#31, NL#37, NZ#48, CH#49, AUS#71

Urban Cookie Collective - Bring it on Home (1994)

Urban Cookie Collective - Spend The Day (1995)

Urban Cookie Collective - Rest of my Love (1995)

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