Peter Schilling - Major Tom & Terra Titanic (1983)

Pierre Michael Schilling, better known as Peter Schilling, born 1958 in Stuttgart, Germany, had a massive, and commercially most-successful NDW (Neue Deutsche Welle, 'New German Wave') hit with Major Tom, a character unofficially related to Major Tom, the theme of David Bowie's 1969 album Space Oddity. The song is about the character being caught in an accident in space. On of my favourite songs of the German 1980s.
Of his follow-up songs only Terra Titanic, which I almost prefer, made it anywhere near the significance.
In 1989 Peter suffered from Burn-Out-Syndrome.

Peter Schilling - Major Tom (1983)
German Version: DE#1, AT#1, CH#1, NL#2, FR#2

Peter Schilling - Terra Titanic

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