Robbie Nevil

Robbie Nevil, born 1960 in LA had his breakthough in 1986 with his self-titled debut album, although his subsequent albums were not as successful.
It was one of the first albums I bought in 1989 after the fall of the Berlin Wall. It still graces my music shelf as one of the best albums I ever bought.
Between 1986 and 1991, Robbie recorded three solo albums, the most successful was produced by Alex Sadkin and recorded in England. Prior to this, he was involved in writing material for other artists and sang a duet with Courtney Love at the funeral service for American pop artist Andy Warhol.
In recent years, Robbie has been more involved in producing and writing for other artists than in solo performance. He co-wrote three songs on the High School Musical Soundtrack: 'The Start of Something New', 'We’re All In This Together' and 'I Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You'.

Robbie Nevil - C'est La Vie (1987)
CH#1, US#2, NZ#2, DE#2, SWE#2, UK#3, AT#4, AUS#4, NOR#4, NL#18

Robbie Nevil - Dominoes (1986)
US#14, CH#17, UK#26, DE#27, AUS#38, NZ#38, NL#97

Robbie Nevil - Wot's it to ya (1987)
US#10, NZ#37, DE#43

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