JX - Son Of A Gun (1993/94/95)

Jake Williams, a.k.a. JX, found huge success in clubland of 1993 following a recording contract with Hooj Choons, the dance label du jour in the UK back then. The track ran up a massive following before being released, charting in the mainstream the year after and; even higher with a re-release in 1995. The success led him to being chosen as the remixer for dance tracks of the time. Jake also produces as Rex The Dog, the alias under which he has worked with artists ranging from Depeche Mode and Madonna to The Prodigy, Mylo and Röyksopp.

JX - Son Of A Gun (1995)
1994: UK#13, NL#38
1995: UK#6, AUS#6

JX - Son Of A Gun by jackOO7

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