Evelyn Thomas - High Energy (1984)

Ian Levine's biggest ever hit, made in 1984 for Record Shack Records, sold seven million worldwide. How that label ever went bust after that is a mystery, but he stepped in and rescued the whole catalogue from the liquidator. Twenty eight years later it still sounds amazing. Ian discovered Evelyn while holding auditions 1975 in Chicago. In February 1976, Evelyn's first record, 'Weak Spot' and a song by a young Chicago postman, L.J. Johnson, both charted in the same week, and both acts were flown over to appear on Top Of The Pops, both on the same show. The entire music business was bedazzled how two completely unknown young black singers from Chicago, who had never even recorded before, both had hits on entirely different labels in the same week as each other. It was a further eight years before Evelyn went on to record her classic: 'High Energy'.

Evelyn Thomas - High Energy (1984)
DE#1, CH#3, AT#5, UK#5, NL#8, NOR#9, IRL#12, FR#18, US#85

Lyrics:< br />
High energy, your love is lifting me-ah
Hoh-oh-oh-oh, high energy, your love is lifting me
Lifting me hiiiiiiiiiigher, hi-hi-hiiiiiiiigher

It was only last week that we first met
When I was a-walking' down the street
You came up from behi-ind me and I knew
That our eyes were gonna meet

That's when I fell, into your arms
Ima-agine my surprise
I thought this only happened in fairytales
Lo-ove hit me right between the eye-eyes

Oh yeah, high energy, your love is lifting me
Woh-oh-woh-oh-oh, high energy, yeah
Your love is lifting me
Lifting me hiiiiiiiiiigher, hi-hiiiiiiiiigher

When you call me on the phone
You make my spirits rise
I'm glad the others didn't last
It's a blessing in disguise

Everytime your touchin' me
It gives me such a thrill
When I look deep into your eyes
My heart just can't keep sti-i-i-ill, oh no

High energy, yeah, your love is lifting me
Woh-woh-woh-woh-woh, high energy, woh yeah
Your love is lifting me
Lifting me hi-i-i-igh (high energy)
Oh-high-high, (your love is lifting me)
Wooooh-hooo-hooo-hoo (high energy), high-yeah-yeah-eah
(Your love is lifting me) Lifting me hiiiiiiiiiigher, hiiiiiiiiiigher

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