Colton Ford - The Way You Love Me (2007)

From singer to porn star to singer, Glenn Soukesian, a.k.a. Colton Ford has blazed a unique path to the dance floor:
Born 1962 in Pasadena, Colton got out of high school and his family really tried to dissuade him from getting into music as a profession, so he started going to college. He landed a gig in a dinner theater nightclub with six singers a night perform musicals and contemporary music. Colton got into a jazz quartet and hit the jazz club scene in Los Angeles. He moved to Los Angeles and heard Dawna Montell spinning in a nightclub. Making friends with her, Dawna heard his music and inroduced him to Romey, who has been his manager off and on ever since 1986. At that time, Romey was with Formula One which was Jon St. James' production company, which produced Stacey Q and Louis Louis and they were looking for a male vocalist so Colton got a go at a single called 'The Hardline' in 1986. A year and a half later, he signed to Mighty Productions, owned by Michael O'Hara and Denise Rich. At that time he was working with a producer who was co-producing Frankie Knuckles' second album. Colton started working on an album but there was a conflict of interest with the record label Virgin. They were having a hard time with Colton being white and being the front singer for Frankie Knuckles, He was replaced by Adeva. About four years later he had another deal on the table with Virgin, but Virgin cut back and Colton got shelved. He negotiated a deal with Third Stone, but before the album was finalised, the company folded. Colton's music career was stalling.

At that time he got to know Blake Harper and dating him. Blake was at the top of his game in the porn world and was going to film a scene and to pose for a calendar. His scene partner couldn't get from New York to Palm Springs because of 9/11, so Blake asked if Colton if he wanted to stand in. At the time Colton was in a 9 to 5 job and wasn't content with what he was doing. Bored and stagnant musically, he thought what the hell. Thirty-nine years old and with an opportunity to leave boring corporate America, he created Colton Ford.
But he never really left music and inbetween his porn bookings, he kept composing and trying to move forward musically. In July 2002, both Colton and Blake felt burnt out and we were introduced to Chris Long, who at the time was with Miramax Films. He had heard Colton's music and got him into dance music, knowing that the gay community, who followed him through his porn career, would stay loyal. So it seemed a natural fit for him.

Colton Ford - The Way You Love Me

Colton Ford - The Way You Love Me (Morel's Pink Noise Mix)




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